Accident Investigation and Training was held in Jat Tehnika

During 15th and 16th of January 2014 at Jat Tehnika Training Center the course “Accident Investigation and Training” was held. The course was attended by 20 staff from various Jat Tehnika departments. The course is held in the form of a workshop, it was very intense and interactive. By presentations, group work and exchange of views with the trainers students got the necessary knowledge about the techniques of investigating, collecting evidence, conducting interviews and case studies.

At the request of Jat Tehnika, in order to unify work of internal committees, especially the analysis and classification of causes, Boeing – MEDA method is used. This method was chosen since it is adapted to the MRO environment, and accepted by the Jat Tehnika customers as relevant for the analysis of errors that occur in maintenance.

Based on the discussion during the course and a very positive opinion of students after the course it can be concluded that it was very useful and will contribute to improved process of performing, understanding and carrying out investigations within the Part 145 organization.

Workshop was held by trainers Brett Dorney and Organ Grant from the company ARMC, with the help and participation of Dobrica Vinčića and Dejan Culafic. Trainers presentation, knowledge and the relationship with the students contributed to the objectives of the course that are are fully met.

Prepared by,
Dobrica Vinčić
Jat Tehnika Safety Manager