About Us

In spite of the fact that Serbia is a small Balkan country, its aeronautical heritage is tremendous, first of all in the area of aircraft building and maintenance. Since the middle of the 20’s of the last century, the airline AEROPUT has founded its own technical division (first shops for aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul). After the Second World War, the airline AEROPUT changed the name into JAT (Yugoslav Airlines), until 2003, when the new livery and the new name was given – Jat Airways. The company kept the tradition of in-house fleet maintenance.

Jat Tehnika was founded on the 1st January 2006 as a part of transition process in Serbia, separated from mother company Jat Airways.

With over 85 years of west aircraft technology maintenance tradition, a lot of component shops and a lot of hangar space, situated at the area of international Belgrade airport Nikola Tesla, Jat Tehnika is now the best equipped MRO centre in the South-Eastern Europe.