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17th June 1927 Airline Company “Aeroput”, predecessor of “Yugoslav Airlines” (“Jugoslovenski Aerotransport” – JAT) was officially established. This date is considered as the beginning of civil aviation in Serbia.

15th February 1928 First scheduled flight with aircraft Potez-29.

17th March 1947 By Decree of the Head Department of Civil Aviation of FPRY (Federal People Republic of Yugoslavia) 28 first and second pilots, navigators, radio operators and flight engineers were transferred from the 1st Transport Regiment to Yugoslav Airlines.

29th March 1947 By Decree of the Head Department of Civil Aviation of FPRY, 12 airplane mechanics and electricians were transferred from the 1st Transport Regiment to form JAT Technical Department.

April 1947 JAT planes took off on their first regular flights. This date is considered the founding day for JAT. At the time JAT had three JU-52 and three DC-3.

1949 PW R-1830 Full overhaul capability. Shop and test cell located at old airport.

April 1949 By Decree of the Government of FPRY the civil aviation company JAT and the “Aeroremont” State Company for Aircraft Material Repairs were merged into a single company.

1951 JAT became a regular IATA member.

April 1954 The first Convair CV-340 landed at Belgrade Airport

 29th October 1956 First DC6B landed at Belgrade Airport.

28th April 1962 JAT started operation from new Airport “Beograd”.

21th January 1963 New Era. First Caravelle landed at Airport “Belgrade”.

1963 Since Caravelle entered regular operation with Yugoslav Airlines, Engine Shop activities included QEC Build-up and minor repairs on RR Avon.

1965 Modern hangar (Hangar 1) with all necessary workshops was built at Belgrade airport – JAT Main Technical Base.

1966 First HM Check on Caravelle.

1968 Engine Shop moved to new location – Airport “Beograd” near Surcin – JAT Main Technical Base. Capability extended to overhaul of R-985 and R-2800. First activities on JT8D.

1969 – 1973 Intensive activities in enabling Engine Shop to repair jet engines: – facility definition and construction – equipment and tooling definition and supply – engineering and production staff training – spare parts initial provisioning

11th April 1969 First DC-9 landed at Airport “Beograd”.

10th December 1969 Technical Department is granted FAA Repair Station Certificate (No. YSMY254P).

19th May 1970 First B-707 landed at Airport “Beograd”.

10th Jun 1970 First B-727 landed at Airport “Beograd”.

1973 JT3D QEC Build up.

1974 First JT8D HSI completed. Engine Shop wasready to overhaul jet engines: shop floor extension 400 m2 added; new Test cell (outdoor type) installed;

1975 26 JT8D’s tested. Preparation for shop maintenance of JT3D.

1976 First JT3D HSI performed. Engine Shop goes into repair of GTCP85 series APU.

1976 First HM Check of DC-9.

December 1978  Delivery of first DC-10 from Long Beach.

1979 More than 40 engines served (JT8D & JT3D). Engine shop fully prepared for CF6 QEC build up.

August 1984 Start of site preparation for new hangar (Hangar 2).

1985 Initial activities on CFM56-3B1 (power for JAT B737-300).

August 1985 YU-AND, First B-737-300 landed in Belgrade.

July 1986 New hangar officially opened.

1986 More than 60 engine shop visits.

May 1988 JAT is flying with five DC-10’s.

1989 June – New “State of the Art” Test Cell introduced. Before going into fully computerized system, Shop had more than 650 engines in test cycle. CFM56-3B1 Disassembled into Major Modules

December 1989 – JAT Engine Shop among 15 CFM56 facilities registered worldwide.

July 1990 First ATR72-202 landed in Belgrade.

15th September 1998 First refurbished DC-9 left hangar (“D” check, interior modification – wide -body look, hush-kited JT8D engines…)

July 2002 JAT Board of Directors approved funds for Engine Shop Capability extension.

December 2003 Engine shop floor expanded for 550 m2.

January 2004 Installation, commissioning and training for new balancing equipment completed.

April 2004 Civil Aviation Directorate of Serbia and Montenegro approved Jat Engine Shop for overhaul of CFM56-3 engines.

2005 Company restructuring and EASA Part-145 Certification (October 2005).

1th January 2006 New –company-Jat Tehnika LTD- was established.

15th May 2006 EASA 145 Approval was obtained.

7th February 2007 FAA 145 Approval was obtained.

5th May 2008 EASA 21 Approval was obtained.

7th January 2008 BDCAA 145 Approval was obtained.

26th March 2011 Russian CAA 145 Approval was obtained.

4th November 2012 Qatar CAA 145 Approval was obtained.

19th June 2013 EASA 145 Approval extended to include Airbus 320 family.

26th May 2015 Turkish CAA 145 Approval was obtained.

23th June 2015 South African CAA 145 Approval was obtained.