Engine Maintenance

Engine Maintenance Department

Engine Maintenance department – well known as Jat Tehnika  Engine and APU Shop – is THE SOLE SOURCE for CFM56-3, JT8D-STD engines and GTCP85 series APU overhaul in Eastern and South – East Europe.

Engine shop represents more than:

  • 30 years of experience in jet engine maintenance
  • 1.200 engines repaired / overhauled in total
  • 930 repaired / overhauled jet engines
  • 1.8m man-hours in engine and APU shop maintenance
  • 0.2m man-hours in engine and APU on-wing activities

Engine and APU shop capabilities


In Shop: Overhaul & Testing

On Site: Fan blades replacement & repair; TGB, VBV & VSV, system components, fuel nozzles and lines, complete LRU components replacement & adjustment; FOD inspection; splitter fearing repair; video BSI …


In Shop: Overhaul & Testing

On Site: HSI, GB and complete LRU replacement, video BSI…


More than 230 basic part numbers with various work scope (overhaul, repair, test, functional check …) including: Overhaul & Test on 60AGD04/18/42 CSD and JT8D Fuel Pump.

Repairs & Special Processes:

  • Machining
  • Chemical & Electro-chemical processes: Cleaning; Paint removal; Plate striping; Cadmium plating; Chrome plating; Silver plating; Sulfuric Nickel plating; Copper plating; Selective (local) galvanic plating
  • NDT: FPI; MPI; Eddy Current inspection; X-ray radiography; Ultrasonic inspection; Gamma Radiography
  • Welding: Shielded metal – arc welding;  TIG welding; Plasma – arc welding; Arc spot welding

Engineering Services

  • Complete Engine & APU Maintenance Management
  • On-wing watch
  • Engine In-flight Performance Trend Monitoring
  • Removal planning
  • Work scope definition
  • AD & SB implementation policy
  • Cost monitoring & control
  • Maintenance concept definition & development