DEGUSSA Heat Plant

Vacuum Brazing and Heat Treatment Plant

The JAT Tenika Engine  Workshop includes a Heat Treatment Shop which is equipped for both types of heat treating –  localized and furnace heat treating.

JAT Tehnika Vacuum Plant  “DEGUSSA Type VSgr 150/150 for High-temperature Brazing and Heat Treatment”, with possibility of overpressure inert gas (N2,Ar) cooling,  accommodate following airplane engine and exhaust parts heat treatments:

  • gas quenching,
  • stress-relief after welding,
  • annealing,
  • solution treating,
  • aging-full and short cycles,
  • stabilization and
  • precipitation to maximum temperature of 1300 degrees C.

CFMI recommends vacuum brazing and heat treatments which, combined, have proved very satisfactory in bringing damaged power plant parts back into serviceable condition, because of advantages of vacuum as ‘protective atmosphere':

  • Parts free of surface oxidation
  • Parts are automatically cleaned during heat treatment
  • No surface decarburization
  • Bright, metallic, shiny parts, i.e. parts require no further cleaning.

Today the most important application of vacuum heat treatment and brazing is used in aircraft industry and engine overhaul shops as well in nuclear industry. Materials which respond well to vacuum heat treatment include the super-alloys (heat resistant materials based on nickel, iron-nickel, and cobalt-nickel), reactive and refractory materials ( titanium), and various grades of stainless steel.

Jat Tehnika vacuum furnace is acclaimed as largest in region and one of the most modern.

Technical data



Type – Model:

VSgr 150/150

Charging / Heating Type:

Bottom charging, all side heating with graphite heaters designed in-basket form and graphite insulation

Furnace Type:

Vertically designed, bottom charged, double-walled, chamber, reverse pit type furnace

Working space dimensions:


– Diameter:

1500 mm

– Height:

1500 mm

Max. charge weight:

800 kg

Ultimate Vacuum in cold and dry furnace:

Better than 10-5 mbar

Leak rate:

Less than 10-3 mbar/s

Rated Temperature:

1350 deg

Heating Time to 1300 deg / charge weight 600 kg :

75 min

Cooling Time from 1300 deg to 200 deg/ charge weight 600 kg – thin walled steel:

45 min (with alternative accelerated cool unit)

Temperature uniformity in state of equilibrium:

Guaranteed +/- 5K (empty furnace above 600 deg)

Heating arrangement:

Bottom, top and side heating, controlled independently

Heating Elements material:


Heat Insulation:

Graphite felt