Auditing & Consulting

JAT Tehnika Engineering performs two main types of Airplane record audits:

General Audit

General audit of the current status of the records verifies that the information is complete, accurate and up to date. This type of audit is usually associated with a periodic or mid-lease term assessment for Airplane owners or leasing companies. It is also done when a prospective buyer needs to have an up to date status of the Airplane records, before the purchase or lease arrangement (Phase-In).

Lease Return Audit

The lease return audit (Phase-Out) is a detailed review of all the Airplane records, as the basis of an Airplane appraisal or evaluation, with all information about Airplane utilization and its components, which affects the total sale or lease value.

In addition to the list of the General Audit this audit also includes:

    • Life limited component status
    • Component records and serial number check
    • Heavy checks, inspections or overhauls
    • Technical part of Airplane Procurement / Leasing Agreements negotiation / follow-up experience
    • Auditing of
    • Airplane Documentation:
      • Certification and documentation
      • Airworthiness Directive status, Service Bulletin status
      • Maintenance Program
      • Airplane total time and cycle verification
      • Damage and repair reports
      • Preparing / Auditing Airplane End-of-Lease files

    Aircraft Maintenance Consulting services

    • Airplane Checks Work scope analysis and labor estimation
    • Modifications / Major Modifications consulting
    • Technical Representation